The Truth About Your Social Media Presence

Entry Writer: Jenee’ Michelle

When social media entered the scene, no one took it seriously. It was purely social and made for a good place to interact with like-minded others from all over the world. But even before the dawning of platforms like MySpace and Friendster (oh yes I did) there were social platforms called forums. Remember those?

The place you’d go to discuss your interests with others like you? I was hooked on these early in the game. I was a part of various online forums and even have a few friends whom I’m still friends with today from those very platforms. Needless to say, I’ve been onboard with social platforms from the beginning.

Enter the Main Players

When Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others jumped on the scene, most of these were seen as a place to put up a few photos of your family and talk about the latest game scores. While most were doing this, I was taking stock in the conversations. Participating, but realizing how easy it was to reach people with a single status update.

Your Social Strategy

It is safe to say, if you don’t have a social strategy, your business is going to struggle especially in the coming five to ten years. Every old advertising platform you’ve used will disappear unless those companies evolve how they reach people. You might not be feeling the pain today, but once you do feel the pain of not getting “butts in seats” or “eyeballs” your chance to find an audience will be gone or be expensive to acquire.

We have already seen the demise of many local TV stations, newspapers and radio stations. Of the few local media outlets still standing, their days are numbered. Major TV entities are already taking stock in this shift and moving some of their programming online, such as FOX News and their new Fox Nation platform.

If starting a social strategy sounds overwhelming, you’re right. I can’t sit here and lie about that, there are many balls to juggle. There are posts to put up, images to capture, video to shoot, and blog posts to be written and all of it is a daily effort. Yes, daily. When I first started managing social media for clients a few posts per week was enough… and I could get away with very little engagement (as algorithms were not yet a thing). Today, if you’re strategy is to throw a couple of photos on your feed per week, with a post and go mentality, you may as well not use social media and take an offline approach to business building and branding.

Ouch… I know, but you didn’t come here to get coddled, did you?

Over time, we will unveil a number of posts about getting the best engagement possible from your content and how to plan for that as well. We will talk through various approaches, targeting, ads, images, audio, which platform is best for you… and more. Your first homework assignment, however, is to ID the best platform for your brand. The best way to do this is to look at competitors in your industry and see what social platforms they are using. Then, stay true to you and figure out which one best suits you. You don’t have to be everywhere, (it’s better if you’re not) you just need to be where your audience is.

We’ll talk more about audiences in the next post. Until then, we have a freebie engagement post you can steal away from us and personalize for your industry over on our fired up page (which will change weekly) Have some fun with it, pair our freebie up with your audience and ask revealing questions. For example, if you’re in the finance space… ask your audience how many pennies are in their coffee cup? If you are in the wedding business you might ask “How many coffees will it take to get you to the wedding date?” etc. Let us know how people engaged… or if you did a poll. We love the feedback.

Until next time, stay fired up!