The right tools are needed to tell the best stories and we have those in droves. Take a look at just a few of the expert services we use to light your brand on fire.


It’s no secret, social media is one of the best ways to communicate and express the nuances of your brand to your audience. FirebrandSocial has been working in social media curation, management, and marketing since it hit the world wide web. When most people thought it was just a passing trend, our pros were building messages online for both small business and corporate clients.

Social branding, however, is different than traditional marketing efforts. It requires a lot of content testing, one to one engagement, and detail audience understanding. What started off as having a college student posting status updates for the shop down the street, has turned into valuable full-time positions at businesses around the world.

We are of the thought, you can win at social media if attention is placed on the right platforms. However, a post here and there is really not going to get you anywhere and is honestly not worth doing if that is the strategy being taken. This is often why most people or businesses think that social media doesn’t work. It does work, but it requires attention.

We look at what your goals are, combine that with what audience you’re seeking and where they spend the majority of their online time. From there we factor in their pain points, how they are moved emotionally, and how to create a culture around them. This culter is crucial to your brand and can be done for just about any business.


Where words fail, images sell.

FirebrandSocial is lucky enough to have two resident photographers who have worked for inspiring organizations and influential brands. Our client roster illustrates some of our greatest work and creative moments. We capture the lifeblood of your brand to tell stories in a new artistic way.

One of us is university taught on good old film processing while the other is self-taught in the new digital age. These differing perspectives offer your brand a vision through imagery, within a commercial space that demands innovation.

Whether you have a product, service, event or the like that needs coverage… we have the imaging tools to Firebrand your business.


The written word continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate, even in a tech-savvy world. Compelling copy is just one more way to tap into your ideal audience and effectively speak to them about your brand. Your story can be told through articles, social posts, blogs, clever captions, and more.

Our team is outfitted with a university educated and boots on the ground journalist. Jenee’ has worked for networks like FOX, ABC, and PBS. She is an Emmy nominated documentary producer and speechwriter. Your copy needs the power of storytelling through the lens of your audience. We use words that can ignite and inspire your fans and potential followers to action.

Our words paired with our other tools become a powerful combination that helps viewers get to know your brand.


It’s no secret that the influence of video is taking center stage online. Brands who use the tool to communicate their messages to their audience will ultimately win viewers and their patronage. As multi-media professionals, we look for the nuances, rather than the obvious details, about your brand to create genuine connection points for your audience. Gone are the days of the who, what, where, why and when of your business. Today, we tell the how and spirit behind what you do.

We will plan, produce, write, shoot and edit your video content from concept to completion. Our mission is to reveal details about your brand that intrigues fans, keeps them returning, and attract new people on a rinse and repeat cycle.

If you ever wanted to create fire with your business, video is one of the best ways to do that. We invite you to work with us and see how it can impact your business time and time again.


Sometimes graphic art isn’t enough to tell your story. That is when Todd, our resident artist, can create digital illustrations. He can even make animations from many of these pieces of work depending on what it is we need.

Todd comes from an engineering background and takes great pride in details. He spends hours to get his artistic pieces just right so they can tell the right kind of story. Whether you want to create a character as you see here, or you need something to explain how to find your business, we have you covered.

We know having an illustrator on site is just one more asset that FirebrandSocial has that many others don’t, and we are not too proud to brag about that.