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The writer, photographer, videographer, editor, graphic designer, web creator, and social maven of FriebrandSocial.

Jenee is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno and has self-taught herself a million and a half professional tricks since then. She has worked for small mom and pop businesses (including her own parents) all over the U.S. and represented corporate brands internationally. She can easily build a simple social post and turn around and create a complex crisis communications or publicity plan. She is also an Emmy nominated speechwriter and presenter.

Jenee’s years in the news business for networks like FOX, ABC, CBS, and PBS gave her deadline skills and insight into attraction messaging. This also gave her the chance to zone in on her videography and editing chops. She earned an Emmy nomination for her documentary work at PBS.

For the past decade, Jenee has been working through the social media environment, building her own brands and consulting with various businesses before it was ever taken seriously.


The Photographer, Videographer, and Illustrator of FirebrandSocial.

Todd is an engineer by trade and takes a detailed approach to just about everything he does. This includes looking at the story of your brand and engineering it to reach the right people and tell the right stories. He has been published on various platforms for his work at the Indy 500, A-list concerts, marathons, theater, NBA, NFL, WNBA, and NCAA sporting events. He has been an artist his entire life and always love working with clients to deliver high-end original work that can be used for web, merch, and social spaces. Todd also helps in deciphering social analytics so we can produce the right can of content and maximize its reach.